Improvement of the analytical method for the determination of aluminum content in water by chrome azurol S spectrophotometry

The Ministry of Health listed aluminum for the first time in the "Sanitary Standards for Drinking Water" in 2001, which clearly stipulates that the aluminum content in drinking water shall not exceed 012 mg / L. The "Sanitary Code for Drinking Water" stipulates that the determination of aluminum in drinking water adopts chrome azure S spectrophotometry. We found the following deficiencies during use: â‘  The current method has insufficient ethylenediamine buffer and the pH is difficult to control , Sample reproducibility and stability are poor. â‘¡ The blue quaternary mixed micelle formed by the reaction of aluminum and chrome azure S is easy to be adsorbed on the wall of the colorimetric tube and is not easy to wash, which will pollute the measurement. Based on these circumstances, we have improved the method for the determination of aluminum by the chrome azurol S spectrophotometry. The improved method is simpler and faster than the original method.

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