Humidity measurement method of constant temperature and humidity box

Common measurement methods for humidity include dynamic method (double pressure method, double temperature method, split flow method), static method (saturated salt method, sulfuric acid method), wet and dry bulb method, dew point method and electronic sensor method. The dry-wet bulb method is a method that uses two dry-wet bulb temperature sensors with equal accuracy and a distance of 20 mm under the same wind speed to measure the difference in temperature indication, and then calculates or finds the relative humidity. The constant temperature and humidity test chamber produced by Beijing Yashilin Test Equipment Co., Ltd. uses the wet and dry bulb control method to measure and control the humidity. The humidity is stable and easy to control. So how does the wet and dry bulb method measure relative humidity?

The method of measuring relative humidity with dry and wet bulbs is as follows:

1) Select two thermometers with the same model and basically the same characteristics. The axis of the two thermometer sensors should be parallel. The distance between the thermometers should not be less than 3 times the total diameter of the wet ball sensor (including wet ball gauze)

2) The water cup should be covered and covered with distilled water. The distance from the water surface to the bottom of the wet bulb in the water cup is 30mm.

3) The penetration height of wet bulb water is (70 ~ 80) mm.

4) Read the indication values ​​of the wet and dry bulb thermometers respectively, calculate the difference between the wet and dry bulb thermometers, and find out the relative humidity value under temperature according to GB6999-86.

The constant temperature and humidity test chamber is designed according to the above dry and wet bulb measurement method. It adopts a shallow groove humidification method, which is heated by a heating tube to form water vapor, enters the cabinet through a circulating fan, and is evenly distributed. The humidity environment is then reflected on the control instrument connected to the sensor, showing the current humidity in the test chamber. The dry-wet bulb method is widely used in the field of environmental testing equipment. Compared with other testing methods, it is more stable, accurate, and easy to control. It is also widely used in daily life.

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