Brief introduction of technical parameters of vibration test bench

Beijing Yashilin Testing Equipment Co., Ltd. has been supplying programmable vibration testing machine, low frequency vibration table, vertical vibration table, horizontal vibration table, electromagnetic vibration test table, four-degree space vibration test table, six-degree space vibration test table, computer-controlled vibration Test bench and other instruments. The following is the technical data of a commonly used vibration test bench: Vibration test bench Product model: LD-TP Manufacturer: Beijing Yashilin Test Equipment Co., Ltd. 1. Product function: sine wave, frequency modulation, frequency sweep, Programmable, frequency doubling, logarithmic, amplitude, maximum acceleration, time control, 485 communication interface, simple fixed acceleration, simple fixed amplitude. 2. Technical index: 1. Vibrating table size L × W (cm): 50 × 50 2. Table body size L × H × W (cm): vertical 50 × 20 × 50 / horizontal 50 × 25 × 50 3. Vibration Direction: vertical + horizontal (X + Y + Z axis) 4. Maximum test load: 100KG 5. Frequency modulation function (1 ~ 600HZ): any frequency must be within the frequency range (maximum acceleration <20g maximum amplitude <5mm) 6. Frequency sweep function (1 ~ 600HZ): (upper frequency / lower frequency / time range) can be arbitrarily set to the real standard back and forth frequency sweep 7. Programmable function (1 ~ 600HZ): 15 segments can be set arbitrarily (frequency / Time) Cyclic 8. Frequency doubling function (1 ~ 600HZ): 15-fold multiplier increase, ①. Low to high frequency ②. High to low frequency ③. Low to high and then low frequency / recyclable 9. logarithmic function (1 ~ 600HZ): ①. Down to the upper frequency ②. Up to down frequency ③. Down to up to down frequency-3 modes logarithmic / recyclable 10, vibrator power (KW): 2.2 11, amplitude (adjustable range mmp-p): 0 ~ 5mm 12, maximum acceleration: 20g 13, Vibration waveform: sine wave 14. Time control: any time can be set (in seconds) 15. Power supply voltage (V): 220 ± 20% 16. Maximum current (A): 10 17. Full-featured computer control (available separately) : Including LCD computer and printer (with functions of control, storage, recording, printing) 18. Precision: frequency can be displayed to 0.01Hz, precision 0.1Hz 19. Display amplitude acceleration (sold separately): if you need to see the amplitude, Acceleration, maximum acceleration, accurate numbers need to be purchased separately. Measuring instrument 20, 1g = 9.8m / s2 Acceleration = 0.002 × f2 × D (unit g) f = frequency (unit HZ) D is amplitude (pp)

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