High and low temperature test box price factors affect the company's own development

In recent years, due to factors such as the entry of foreign test box giants, rising raw material prices, and relatively weak technological innovation, the industry has experienced excessive competition. Many companies have competed to lower prices to gain market share, at the expense of product quality for meager profits.

After discussion, a suggestion to establish a high- and low-temperature test chamber price prevention and control degree was adopted by everyone. According to this idea, the industry association takes the lead in setting the industry product cost price, and various functional departments and enterprises participate in the supervision. Any enterprise that appears to be significantly lower than the product cost price will be investigated and punished. To solve the vicious cycle brought about by low-price competition, and promote the healthy development of the industry. It is reported that they will start to establish a set of cost-price prevention and control system to curb the intensified low-price vicious competition.

In the war on the price of high and low temperature test chambers, I will take it to a dead end. In the final analysis, low-price vicious competition is because the added value of the brand is too low, and the industry should integrate and upgrade as soon as possible. Due to vicious competition, the industry is generally in a situation of low profit or even capital preservation. Many companies have invested funds in high-margin and high-return industries such as real estate, which slowed down the development of the main business. The information disclosed by the Yueqing Municipal Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau also shows that individual enterprises have appeared low-quality signs, and some products have declined in quality. This will not only affect the development of the enterprise itself, but also damage the overall image of the industry.

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