Temperature Meter-Installation Instructions for Thermowell Thermocouple

Instructions for installation of thermal sleeve thermocouple:

For the installation of thermocouples and thermal resistors, attention should be paid to accurate temperature measurement, safe and convenient maintenance, and does not affect the operation and production operations of the equipment. To meet the above requirements, choose the installation location and the thermocouple and thermal resistance Pay attention to the following points when inserting the depth:

1.In order to have sufficient heat exchange between the measuring end of the thermocouple and the thermal resistance and the measured medium, the location of the measuring point should be reasonably selected, and the installation of the thermocouple or near the dead angle of the valve, elbow, pipeline and equipment should be avoided Thermal resistance.

2.The heat transfer and heat dissipation loss of the protective sleeve. In order to reduce the measurement error, the thermocouple and the thermal resistance should have sufficient insertion depth:

(1) For thermocouples that measure the temperature of the fluid in the center of the pipeline, generally the measurement end should be inserted into the center of the pipeline (vertical installation or oblique installation). If the diameter of the pipeline to be measured is 200 mm, the thermocouple or the thermal resistance The insertion depth should be 100 mm;

(2) The temperature measurement of the high temperature, high pressure and high speed fluid of the thermowell thermocouple (such as the main steam temperature), in order to reduce the resistance of the protective sleeve to the fluid and prevent the protective sleeve from breaking under the action of the fluid, the protective tube can be shallowly inserted Or use a thermowell type thermocouple. The shallow insertion thermocouple protection sleeve should be inserted into the main steam pipe at a depth of not less than 75mm; the standard insertion depth of the thermowell thermocouple is 100mm;

(3) If it is necessary to measure the temperature of the flue gas in the flue, although the diameter of the flue is 4m, the insertion depth of the thermocouple or thermal resistance can be 1m.

(4) When the original depth of the thermocouple thermocouple measurement exceeds 1m, it should be installed vertically as much as possible, or a support frame and a protective sleeve should be added.

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