CTS-3000 ultrasonic flaw detector

CTS-3000 ultrasonic flaw detector
CTS-3000 has inherited the excellent tradition of both parties to make the instrument perfect gradually: top technology, advanced technology, small size, light weight,
Powerful. The CTS-3000 with large-scale application-specific integrated circuits as its core uses a large number of ultra-small and highly integrated SMT surface-mounted components to achieve the perfect combination of minimum space and most excellent performance. The detection sensitivity margin of up to 54dB meets your detection needs for large forgings or coarse-grained materials; the latest high-brightness EL display brings you the best reading and visual enjoyment; the simple interface wave tracking function is suitable for you to use water Immersion flaw detection; Fool's camera-style human-computer interactive keyboard design makes your operation easier and more intuitive.

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