Venipuncture arm training model

Main features:
1. The eight main venous vascular systems distributed on the arm can perform puncture training functions such as intravenous injection, infusion (blood), and blood drawing.
2. There is a clear sense of falling into the needle, and blood return will occur if the needle is punctured correctly.
3. The same puncture site of venous vessels and skin can withstand hundreds of repeated punctures without leakage.
4. Both venous blood vessels and skin can be replaced, simple and convenient, economical and practical.

Material characteristics: Imported plastic materials for skin and muscles, imported latex materials for nerve vessels, imported PVC materials for arm bones, all made of stainless steel metal molds, cast at high temperature, and the outer surface of the skin is made by a real model. The product has the characteristics of real and realistic operation feeling, beautiful appearance of skin color, durable, disinfection and cleaning without deformation, convenient disassembly and assembly, and its materials have reached the same level as foreign countries.

Zebra Blinds

Zebra Blinds are Very decorative and also functional Day & Night fabrics consist of transparent and darkening strips. Overlapping two layers of fabric and moving them in relation to each other gives a wide range of possibilities to regulate the degree of insolation or darkening a room. Besides depending on a colour it may protect household members' privacy after dark.  

Characteristics of Fabrics:

impregnated fabric resistant to dust.

adjustment of the incoming light
Common features of all the traditional blinds in one window
smooth and convenient chain adjustment
unique strengths decorative

Zebra Blinds

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