On the color of packaging design

Color is the most important design element of packaging, which directly determines the quality of the product packaging. The colors of nature are ever-changing, and people have formed the ability to judge and feel the packaging of goods according to the colors intentionally or unintentionally through long-term life experience. Packaging colors not only enhance consumers 'aesthetic pleasure, but also stimulate consumers' desire to buy, enrich their imagination, and cultivate the minds of customers. It really makes us feel the value of color in packaging design. As a visual language for expressing emotions, color has become a subject that packaging designers must study.

1. The importance of packaging color

Packaging is the appearance of the product, and color is the most attractive and attractive factor. Since ancient times, people have realized that color has the effect of grabbing the forefront. Imagine if the packaging does not use color, its artistic aesthetics will be greatly weakened, because color has a strong visual appeal and expression on modern commodity packaging, but it is not to say that the more colorful the packaging, the better, different colors The psychological and physiological effects on people are different, different products also have different characteristics, and the packaging design itself is particularly concerned with the taste of color application and the overall configuration of color. The configuration between colors can produce a variety of different styles of interest, reflecting the characteristics of different commodities, and a variety of colors. Each one has its purpose. With the in-depth study of color, the color style becomes more and more subtle and diverse. Therefore, the application of packaging colors should be just right to form a special, artistic and harmonious effect.

Whenever we enter the market or supermarket, facing the wide variety of products on the shelves, the pieces show beautiful shapes and bright colors. We are more easily attracted by the packaging with strong colors. . It attracts attention and helps consumers to recognize and associate products, which stimulates the desire to buy, and the effect of product packaging design depends to a large extent on the use of color, because color is beautiful for the theme Products, which are convenient for consumers to identify commodities, play an important role.

2. Application of achromatic color in packaging design

In many product packaging designs, most of them attract consumers' attention with bright and eye-catching colors, because the rich colors convey a variety of different tastes and display different quality styles and decorative charms. However, packaging design is a styling activity. The pursuit of design language is purely what the designers are striving for. They want to get rid of the noisy, complicated and colorful methods in the popular design from a unique perspective, and actively look for the rationality and color design Simple, and modern packaging design pays more attention to the use of color, and the color is becoming more and more concise, in order to obtain distinctive effects. On the basis of mastering the customary color, the designer pioneered the use of color, and the pursuit of simplicity and artistry on the screen is the only way for design innovation. We can extract simple neutral color matching from other painting, dyeing, weaving, ceramics and other processes, and get the innovative inspiration of color from the inspiration of the existence of society and the universe to break the conventional color. Make full use of the attributes of color to reflect the extraordinary design. The choice and combination of colors is very important in packaging design, and is often the key to determining the quality of packaging design. Pursuing the reconciliation, refinement and simplicity of packaging colors is essentially to avoid the cumbersome and excessive color of packaging. The gorgeous prosperity of the city may not be attractive, but it gives people a flashy impression, which makes people feel dazzled. Appropriate use of simple color language can better reflect the designer's ability to control color, maximize the potential of color, under the influence of minimalism, get rid of the inherent attributes of traditional colors, combined with modern packaging design theory and product attributes It is required that the packaging designed with gold, silver, black, white and gray in achromatic color will show the eternal beauty of the design. The special nature of the achromatic system provides a stage for fully demonstrating the charm of many product packaging designs. The use of gold and silver in the design helps to enhance the gloss effect, and can enrich the change of space and level, because gold and silver have strong reflective capabilities and keen characteristics, and show different things under different angles and different gloss effects. Appropriate use of the color effect will enhance the brilliance, nobleness and mystery of the product. Its special materials and effects can reflect the gorgeousness, richness and productiveness of the product packaging. Simply refining and using achromatic colors helps to strengthen the characteristics of the products, helps to improve the quality and grade of the products, and enhances the sense of the times and personality of the products.

In the application of packaging design colors, achromatic, black, white, gray, gold and silver are often used as neutral colors. Relative to colored, there is no obvious hue bias, so it is also called achromatic, any one of them and any color in colored are compatible. Therefore, in the packaging design color matching. If there is a conflict between the two colors, achromatic colors are often used to connect and reconcile them. In achromatic colors, black and white are two polar colors. Black feels solemn, solemn, and has an introverted positive effect. Most people retain special feelings for black. It occupies an important position in packaging design, although it is generally not suitable. Used in a large area, but it is a set of colors that is almost indispensable in the color combination. White has a sense of launching and expanding, giving people a sense of clarity and breathability, with a symbol of quietness, purity and lightness. At the same time, white also has a duality. Gray, as a neutral color, has the characteristics of softness and change. The ordinary and gentle symbol has hints of inner meanings such as nothingness, etherealness, and moderation. It can also play a role of complementation, buffering, strength, and harmony. Although the processing of gray tones is much more complicated than that of black and white, it changes from light gray to dark gray tones, which can increase the level of the picture and make the packaging picture richer and more decorative. The gold and silver because of its unique luster and price, combined with long-term use in palace decoration and high-end daily necessities, has formed a symbolic meaning of nobility, elegance and luxury. Gold and silver have both shining brightness and can play a role in reconciling the colors. They are commonly used as embellishment colors and decorative colors in the design.

Colored colors have their own distinct appearance attributes, and gold, silver, black, white, and gray in achromatic colors also have certain color meanings. In fact, achromatic colors have already formed their own complete color properties in people's psychology, and soon become Accepted by people, it is called an ever-popular color. Of course, in many packaging designs with achromatic as the main body, they are often dotted with some higher-purity colors. On the one hand, their appearance forms a certain contrast effect with achromatic. On the other hand, it is to highlight the main colors, such as the dynasty wine packaging designed by Chen Nan, which is based on the white in the achromatic color and the black and gold are combined. The packaging feels simple, clear and elegant. The interaction of achromatic color and chromatic color is undoubtedly a very important means to enrich the color effect of commodity packaging.

3. Conclusion

The function of packaging design is sales promotion. The beautiful design is conducive to sales. For packaging design to be successful, the design must not only be good, but also extraordinary, simple, and very special. Perhaps the eye-catching part of the design is the traditional elegance and nobility. Perhaps the success lies in the more quiet, concise and elegant things in the colorful environment. Perhaps the unique thing is a brand-new style. There are many aspects that need to be considered by the designer. . The packaging design is to continue to try and explore, to pursue the beautiful feelings of human life. Color is extremely valuable, and it has the most direct and important influence on our expression of thoughts, interests, and hobbies. Grasp the color and feel the design, create beautiful packaging, enrich the life, and more needed by the times. The colorless packaging is like a trace of tranquility in the noisy world. Its elegance, rusticity and quietness make people enjoy the refreshing and elegant fragrance after enjoying sour, sweet, bitter, spicy and salty. They are not obvious. Indisputable attributes will exude eternal charm in packaging design.

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