Bill Anti-counterfeiting Rookie——Near infrared absorption anti-counterfeiting ink

Technical characteristics of near infrared absorption anti-counterfeiting ink

The near-infrared absorption anti-counterfeiting ink is made by adding one or several near-infrared absorption materials to the ink. The near-infrared absorption material is an organic functional dye. It has absorption in the near infrared region, the maximum absorption wavelength is 700nm ~ 1100nm, and the oscillation wavelength falls in the near infrared region. Because the near infrared absorption ink absorbs infrared light, if this ink is used in a certain part of the printed matter, there is no any under the sun Traces, but under the detection instrument, the corresponding signal or dark graphics can be observed.

The near-infrared absorption material is an organic polymer material, the material is synthesized at high temperature, the production and processing technology is complex, the technical difficulty is high, and the production cost is high. Therefore, the near-infrared absorption anti-counterfeiting ink has high temperature resistance, stable light resistance, good anti-counterfeiting effect, and high counterfeiting difficulty. .

1. Application of near infrared absorption anti-counterfeiting ink

The advantages of near-infrared anti-counterfeiting ink: strong anti-counterfeiting, technical difficulty, simple use, almost not restricted by any printing conditions. It can be printed by any printing method and is suitable for anti-counterfeiting printing of bills, securities, trademarks, etc.

When the near-infrared absorption anti-counterfeiting ink is used alone, it can print any anti-counterfeiting pattern, one-dimensional barcode and two-dimensional barcode without being restricted by any printing conditions.

The ink has different absorption characteristics for infrared (wavelength range 700nm ~ 1500nm) and can also be matched to make non-absorbing infrared anti-counterfeiting ink and near infrared absorption anti-counterfeiting ink. Non-absorption infrared anti-counterfeiting ink is a printing ink that does not absorb near infrared rays. When in use, it can be composed of a pair of near infrared absorbing ink and non-absorbing infrared anti-counterfeiting ink. The anti-counterfeiting pattern or information printed by the near-infrared absorption anti-counterfeiting ink is hidden under the non-absorbing infrared anti-counterfeiting ink, so the anti-counterfeiting function is more concealed, the anti-copying function is stronger, and the anti-counterfeiting effect is better.

The two-dimensional bar code printed with near-infrared absorption anti-counterfeiting ink is colorless by itself, and the anti-counterfeiting information can be read with a special voice recognition pen, which successfully solves the problem that the two-dimensional bar code can be read and prevented from copying.

2. Near infrared absorption anti-counterfeiting ink identification

1. Volkswagen first-line recognition: near-infrared absorption filter recognition

The general pattern printed by the near-infrared anti-counterfeit ink can be seen through the color filter. The identification is simple and convenient, the cost is low, and the public is easy to identify.

2. Second-line general equipment: portable infrared monitor, inspection team identification

Through the portable infrared monitor, it can read the fine patterns printed by the near infrared absorption anti-counterfeiting ink, such as the two-dimensional code pattern.

3. Voice recognition: Intelligent voice recognition pen

Click through the special voice recognition pen to read the near-infrared anti-counterfeit ink information for quick identification, simple and convenient, and high accuracy.

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