Dynasty furniture closed nearly half of the store in Beijing

According to the "Beijing Business Daily" report, the dynasty furniture of the heroic brand image was established with the big names such as Guan Zhilin and Liu Jialing. Since October, it has become the object of public opinion criticism. It directly pointed out that its profit has plunged 90% in half a year, and the company's operation is in trouble.

According to industry insiders, the old product style does not match its strong brand image. In addition, the recent scandals caused by product quality and the departure of executives have accelerated the sinking of the furniture ship of the Dynasty Furniture. According to insiders who know the furniture business situation of the dynasty, the Dynasty furniture has 32 terminal sales stores in Beijing. In one year, 15 of them have been closed, accounting for nearly half of the total. Most of these closed storefronts are larger display stores or flagship stores.

The data show that the Dynasty furniture was established in Shaanxi in 1994, and later settled in Guangdong. In 2002, it landed in the Hong Kong stock market, and it is one of the largest producers and sellers in the field of panel furniture in China.

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