Three Core and Color Management Applications on the Device

Through the input and output device ICC profile specific production:

● Production of input device ICC profile

(1) IT8 standard color standard

If you want to make an ICC profile of an input device, Kodak IT8.7/1IT8.7/2 color standard (hereinafter referred to as color standard) is generally used.

The IT8.7/1 and IT8.7/2 color scales are suitable for color calibration on input devices (scanners and digital cameras). The materials used in the IT8.7/1 and IT8.7/2 color patches are colored transparent positive and color respectively. photographic paper. IT8.7/1 applies to the input color correction of the transmission scanner; IT8.7/2 applies to the input color correction of the reflection scanner.

The IT color scale consists of four parts:

1 sampling color area

This section consists of 12 x 12 color patches. According to the column, it is divided into a dark color block, a middle color block, and a bright color block, and each portion has four saturation changes.

2 color ruler

There are seven columns in this section, of which three columns represent cyan, magenta and yellow respectively; the other three columns represent red, green and blue respectively; the middle one is neutral.

3 neutral gray ladder

At the bottom of the color scale is a twenty-second neutral gray scale, which varies according to the degree of cosmic change. It is mainly used for basic calibration of input devices.

4 Optional areas

Different manufacturers can arrange three columns according to their needs, such as trait colors. A total of 286 color patches are included on the entire color scale. These color patches are the standard color patches for creating the ICC feature folder of the scanner, which fully expresses the entire color gamut. Each color patch contains a standard colorimetric data.

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