Good scenery Yang Xiaodong: The industry winter will last until the end of next year

As a rising star in the industry, Sichuan furniture companies have brought us too many surprises and surprises. How is this team that has become a "prominent military" different from traditional South China furniture companies? From May 16th to 20th, Sohu Furniture Channel reporter went to Chengdu to interview a number of Sichuan furniture leader CEOs and responsible persons, bringing you the most comprehensive interviews with Sichuan furniture companies.

Interview time: May 17, 2012 Interview location: Chengdu Good Landscape Industrial Co., Ltd.
Interview character: Good scenery furniture Yang Xiaodong

[Sohu]: Mr. Yang, hello! We know that since last year, the entire furniture industry has fallen into an unprecedented crisis; in the face of such a dilemma, what kind of response measures do good landscapes have?

[Yang Xiaodong]: Because everyone knows that both the crisis and the opportunity coexist, in the case of this crisis, it is a good thing for a planned company. I personally think that a large number of bankruptcies may occur in home furnishing enterprises across the country this year. But it actually eliminates more problematic companies, and the surviving companies have more opportunities. Just like a hundred people eating this bowl of rice, he eliminated 50 people, leaving 50 people to eat this bowl of rice, this meal will eat a little more. So in the face of the crisis, if a person can have a correct view and appropriate methods and means, the crisis is good. Many companies are sloping this year. I also feel that our company is doing a lot harder this year, but I think it can still It’s not as terrible as they say, you can do it.

[Sohu]: Is this good scenery to make some adjustments to the development direction of marketing this year?

[Yang Xiaodong]: Yes, when the market is good, it will be full of flowers. When the market is not good, concentrate on some of the company's human and material resources and put them in key areas.

[Sohu]: What are the key areas of the current landscape?

[Yang Xiaodong]: Generally speaking, we have drawn our own key regional markets in the country. This is a basic strategic framework. How do you plan on the surface, how to do it at the point, how to go to the ground; I expect the market There will be a warming up at the end of next year. This is a relatively large new opportunity to move forward; because from an economic point of view, we have experienced so much, and we can see that the Chinese market is basically a decade of reincarnation. It is like the stock market, and it will rise after all. Now it is China, not the global economy has entered a very low valley. If the home industry was winter in the past year, it is a cold winter, but the real winter is expected to be from the end of this year to the beginning of next year, and there will be a warming up by the end of next year. .

[Sohu]: Do you think the market will get worse at the end of this year?

[Yang Xiaodong]: Certainly. Because there is a basic problem now, everyone is analyzing, and now many companies have already invested in this. He must be embarrassed, and he will not be embarrassed, because if you can’t go down, it means you are dying now, so now Many of them are struggling, so I guess that many companies will not be able to succumb to the beginning of September this year. The only option is to give up. When all your capital overdraft is over, you have to give up without giving up. You don't have the resources, like a person is cut open a mouth, all the blood has flowed out, and no follow-up blood is coming in. Life is coming to an end, the market is so cruel, there is no way. So I know that the end of this year to the beginning of next year is the most cruel time.

[Sohu]: You just said that many companies can't hold back. This reminds me of a big news in the furniture industry a few days ago: the factory of Dongguan Essena Manor has closed down, and this thing has also touched everyone a lot, and In the first half of this year, Dongguan fell two companies. Therefore, this situation is particularly severe for us. Then there are experts who analyze why it is so much. We say that our product lacks differentiation. Do you agree with this view?

[Yang Xiaodong]: If I think from a product perspective alone, I think it is right. But from a marketing and marketing perspective, I think it is one-sided. In terms of its differentiation, it should be a good scenery that is most qualified to say this. Why do you say this? He has the most differentiated products in the Sichuan brand: he is producing high-end European products, and Sichuan is mainly a professional European-style furniture. European-style furniture is mainly concentrated in Guangdong, but Guangdong is compared with us. His most unfavorable factor is that the network is not as good as us, and the cost is higher than ours. Our cost is lower than 30% to 40% of them, which means that our retail price is equivalent to their price, then we have the advantage of price; so we have a price advantage over Guangdong brand; Compared with the brand in Sichuan, we don't follow a line with them. But in reality we can't just win directly from products with differences, but we also need a differentiated marketing.

I believe that every company is struggling to find this, but some companies have found it. Although it is still not perfect, he already has the advantage of this certain differentiation, so we say that we are more here this year. In this respect, not only product differences, marketing differences, including the breakthrough of our marketing model, but also slowly show some of their own advantages. For example, more Sichuan brands have been caught in the price war during this time, we will not go this way, we do price promotions, the effect is OK. This is a question of reverse thinking. Why are other brands falling in price, and we are raising prices? He is like buying stocks. You don’t necessarily buy when you fall, and there is room for appreciation when you go up.

[Sohu]: What do you think is the biggest difference between Sichuan furniture enterprises and Guangdong furniture companies?

[Yang Xiaodong]: If you really want to say that product development is really a thing, you really want to learn from Guangdong enterprises. Guangdong enterprises have always led the development of the national home furnishing industry in product development, while Sichuan's corporate advantage is in marketing. Sichuan's unique geographical environment and marketing model have created opportunities for the rapid growth of Sichuan home furnishing enterprises; probably from 2005 Beginning in the second half of the year, Sichuan furniture companies began to exert their strength. In just a few years, they quickly completed the Sichuan furniture production base. For the people in the industry, it is the second largest furniture factory industrial structure. So this I think the Sichuanese are still quite smart.

[Sohu]: We know that the good scenery had done a public welfare activity some time ago, and built a Bo'ai school. Why did you want to do such an event?

[Yang Xiaodong]: Because this is a corporate culture issue. The culture of our company is to do business with love and to be a grateful person. In addition to the Bo'ai Primary School we built, we also include a blue action plan for more young people who want to start a business and have limited funds. So basically every When the sub-national disasters are difficult, the good scenery is on the front line. These are all related to the culture of the landscape, because it is true that good scenery is also a person who remembers the interests of reform and opening up. If a company earns money, it must return to society. This is a question of social responsibility, a company that does not evade responsibility. How far can I go, I can't imagine this problem, even if it is from a personal point of view, this must be done.

[Sohu]: So how do we plan to push this fraternity school?

[Yang Xiaodong]: Our current plan is to build 100 Bo'ai Primary Schools. Boai Primary School will continue to search across the country and distribute it to various regions. In the future, China will be strong. I personally think that it is necessary to grasp from the perspective of education. Only by bringing our next generation, their thoughts, cultural structure, and personal qualities, can China be truly strong. So let's start from this aspect and offer ourselves a strength.

[Sohu]: Is there any plan and theme for our upcoming Chengdu Home Show in July?

[Yang Xiaodong]: There must be a plan. Now that we are in the intense preparation stage, our theme and many programs have all come out. We have been in the meeting for a few days. The national branch manager and the account manager are all back, that is, for this return, we are preparing intensively.

[Sohu]: Then we wish the scenery to be successful at the July show.

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