Mature woman dressing up next door girl natural nude makeup

A sweet next-door girl's natural nude makeup can make the beauty of the beauty increase by 100%! In fact, in daily makeup, blush is an indispensable step. It is necessary to improve the shape of the face and adjust the complexion. Looking through your cosmetic bag, for a youthful dress in your dreams, a box of pure creamy blush will make you young and young. Then let us take a look at the magic weapon of a mature woman!

Creamy blush returns to 20 years old

Creamy blush returns to 20 years old

If eye makeup is the focus of facial makeup, lipstick is an indispensable element in a cosmetic bag, then blush is the best tool to modify the face and beautify the complexion. Blush not only "changes" the contours of your face, but also makes your overall look look bright and radiant. Therefore, the choice of blush color and the smearing technique determine the overall makeup structure. And the popular creamy blush is the magic weapon for mature women to dress up tenderly.

Round blush is only suitable for 20 years old, mature women are tender and want to pick

Creamy blush returns to 20 years old

Round blush is only suitable for 20 years old, mature women are tender and want to pick

Step by step

first step

Blur the edges of the blush with a sponge

The blush powder is evenly spread on the skin, and the temple is delayed from the highest position of the tibia to the ellipse. Prepare a clean sponge to rub back and forth on the edge of the blush, and grasp it to create a more natural effect.

Guerlain Mousse Blush

It is no exaggeration to emphasize the fresh and fresh dress of nature. The looming red Philippine sensation creates a delicate and pure skin like a frozen red. To experience different make-ups, subvert the tradition of powdery and creamy blush, the concept comes from soap bubbles, rainbow colors and moist touch. The smooth texture of the satin-like texture is as delicate and tender as the second layer of skin.

Sliding towards the temple

Creamy blush returns to 20 years old

Second step

Sliding towards the temple

Dip a proper amount of blush with a brush, put it down at the highest position of the cheekbones, and gently brush it toward the temple. The angel blush is finished. Note that it is easier to apply makeup by choosing an elliptical, elastic blush brush.

Guerlain Yingcai repair capacity four-color blush

Four colors harmonious red and red, the texture is delicate and soft. Delicately scented. Perfectly applied to the skin for a even, transparent finish. Deepen your cheeks and bring out a healthy complexion. A high-quality makeup brush for professional makeup.

Defeating the darkness, the rosy blush of the pearly light is the choice

Creamy blush returns to 20 years old

Defeating the dull, pearly blush is the best choice

Adding delicate pearlescent light to the blushing blush texture not only creates a bright complexion, but also adds a touch of brilliance.

Product recommendation: KATE double color repair capacity cake

With soft, fresh cheeks, you will have a natural, clear and intoxicating blush. A full range of color effects with an all-natural formula. Equipped with a blush brush to make the makeup process simple and accurate. Contains a gentle emollient to protect your skin while adjusting it to its optimum condition. The cheeks are shaped, outlined, and emerged to better define the contours of the face. The shades of darkness create a natural three-dimensional look and modify the face. Fine powder, with micro pearls, to modify the contours of the face, more transparent.

Dior new Dior Blush

Creamy blush returns to 20 years old

A creamy blush is applied over the cheeks to emphasize the beautiful cheekbones of Asian women and to draw attention. Then apply a soft foundation to the cheekbones to make up the blush.

Dior new Dior Blush

Adds a lustrous glow to the cheeks! The first blush with two-color double-effect (matte and pearlescent) creates a natural and healthy make-up, sparkling and subtle.

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