Importing PSD Files into Illustrator

This article describes some of the considerations for putting the ADOBE Photoshop 6.0 .psd file into ADOB International Illustrator 9 (9.02).

1. Only supports RGB and CMYK (although grayscale mode works).

2. Does not support photoshop advanced color settings,

3. CropMark will define the output size of the PSD file,

4. Alignment to pixels will not be automatically used after the bitmap is placed. If needed, select view>SnapToPixel and then move the image

5. Support Clipping Path, Become Adobe Illustrator 9 Layer Mask

6. Supports Photoshop 6 layer masks and becomes transparent mask settings.

7. The field value mode will be merged. Other hybrid modes in Adobe Illustrator 9 will be preserved and maintain transparency settings

8. The gradation effect of the noise mode can't be displayed normally. After the merging, input (flatten).

9. KnockoutEffect will be merged. (requires pre-pressing)

10.Photoshop6 layer advanced blend mode will be flattened. (Pre-pressurized)

11. Does not support clip grouping, layer grouping will be merged, including its non-normal mixed mode. (pre-flattening required)

12. Does not support Photoshop6 adjustment layer (pre-flattening required)

13. Turn off more than one channel in the advanced blend mode of the layer (requires pre-leveling)

14. Editable text output by Adobe Illustrator 9 will be slightly altered after editing in Photoshop 5. (In general, change the length of the line from the original position to the upper left corner)

15. When exporting PSDs, you can maintain transparency settings, including blending modes (in fact, this is the only way to output transparency to other programs).

Reproduced from: pcdog

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