"Bat! John" Pisa corrugated box with self-locking function

"Bang! John" pizza box uses white-faced B-cut corrugated cardboard as raw material. The die-cut incision is neat and smooth, which improves the grade of the product and creates a good brand image of the product. In the printing of color, the use of red and green two-color printing, a strong contrast of color, very colorful. Because the carton has the characteristics of easy printing, the pizza box made of this kind of corrugated cardboard has a great advantage in printing patterns compared to non-paper outer packaging. The lively pattern can be easily reflected on the surface of the box. It is very likable.

The design of the box opening is very distinctive. The front edge of the box body is folded up to form an embedded small socket. After the box lid is closed, it is buckled in the socket. It has a self-locking function and can effectively prevent accidental opening.

According to the manager, in order to meet the environmental protection features of the product, the outer packaging of the product was selected as an environmentally friendly carton, which can be recycled 100%.

Source: Export Goods Packaging

Acrylic Hangers

About Styles

EISHO is committed to providing differen types of acrylic hangers for pant, trouser, skirts and other bottom clothings. Our acrylic hangers is mainly designed for the close shops, wedding shops, or the high-end requirement displaces. Because Acrylic Hanger serve as a foil for the garment's brilliance. 

About Materials

All these hangers are made from acylic, which with crystal transparency, transmittance of more than 92%, soft light, clear vision. And these acrylic materials used in clothes hangers, showing ideal surface decoration effect.

About Accessories

Acrylic Hangers are featured by their clips, clamps, and hooks, creating the special structure for the top or bottom clothes items. As a professional hangers manufacturer, optional clips, clamps, and hooks are ready for our customers all the time. As to the metal parts, chrome, electrophoresis and pearl nickel are the common processes.

Acrylic Hangers

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