Volumetric filling machine filling head

The filling head of the volumetric filling machine includes a metering cylinder, a feed port, a filling port and a control circuit. The sizing cylinder is a piston cylinder closed at both ends. The sizing cylinder is provided with a floating piston. Each end of the sizing cylinder is provided with a filling inlet, and the inlet and outlet of both ends are respectively connected with an inlet and outlet with three interfaces. Material directional valve, the other two interfaces of the inlet and outlet commutating valve are respectively connected to the material inlet and the filling port, and the inlet and outlet material directional valve is connected with the control circuit. The floating piston is composed of a piston plate, and the ration cylinder has two volumes at both ends. Fine-tune the thread mechanism. The displacement piston of the filling head of this volumetric filling machine is a floating piston. The power of the piston movement is provided by the material inside the cylinder and there is no leakage. The entire working stroke is a continuous filling process, and the working efficiency is the traditional way. double.

Source: China Packaging News

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