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Thanks to its high-strength structural design, Taiwan Total Seismo's die-cutting machines can handle all grades of cardboard, ranging from three-layer corrugated cardboard to seven-layer corrugated cardboard. The machine is designed to produce 220 to 250 sheets per minute. The latest model die-cutting machine integrates a new generation of control systems in the machine. Due to the use of a smart logic program instead of the original control system, the number of control nodes is greatly reduced. The operator's work is also simpler, faster, and the accuracy is greatly improved. This control system also has self-protection and error detection capabilities.

The total-seated circular press die cutting machine is also equipped with a synchronous drive system capable of positively controlling the peripheral rotation speed of the bottom roller anvil pad. Polyurethane material made of bottom roll anvil cushion anvil device can guarantee the precision of carton die cutting. An anvil mat that can be automatically positioned and controlled by hydraulic oscillations, with an active range of 50 mm, ensures accurate die-cutting dimensions, as well as uniform wear and longer working life of the bottom roller anvil pad.

The scouring process consists of three basic methods, including injections and plastics, ejecting rubber strips and more complicated discharge processes. These methods for round die-cutting and die-cutting can be used individually or in combination on one die. The old-style stripping system has been replaced by a waste sheet conveying system. This waste sheet conveying system uses a brush to sweep the board, which can effectively perform the function of stripping in the field.

Total Seismic currently uses two different types of die-cutting machine stackers. The EZ stacker consists of an agitated stripping system and a conventional automatic stacker. The agitator-type stripping system can use waste sheet brushes and waste sheet blowing equipment--the efficient completion of stripping, but it is easier to use and maintain.

The company's latest generation of die-cutting stacker is a high-end stacking system. The standard features of the die-cutting machine designed for high performance, simple operation, and high quality stack/separation work standards include:

- Automatic jack setting for multi-layer separation and separation clamps;
- According to the cardboard stacking capacity;
- AC vector driven stacking platform and cardboard count tracking device;
-- Three vertical and four horizontal board stacking capacity;
- Full stacking and batch processing capabilities;
- Vacuum cardboard conveying platform;
- Quick-setting, touch-screen control system with simple operation and extended maintenance capabilities.

Both of these stacking systems can be used with any round die-cutting line. This year, nine such stacking machines have been successfully installed in carton plants around the world.

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