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Like the crow's assessment, it is very life-like and closer to us. It is not only detailed data to prove the practicality of a piece of equipment. The most accessible talent is the most important one!


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Product Name: rocket tent rocket

Sell ​​Price: 415

Product Specifications: Length: 200cm/ Foyer: 120cm Total Length: 320cm

Foyer height: 135cm, High sleeping area in the account: 92cm/

Width: 120cm (front), 90cm (back)

Net weight: 1.15 kg

Total weight: 1.25 kg

Uses: General camping, bicycle travel and so on.

Detailed description:Product introduction

Number of people: 1-2 people

Accounts: 190T nylon 1200PU waterproof, seam pressure plastic water treatment.

Inner account: all nylon breathable mesh

Ground cloth: PE waterproof cloth, 190T nylon 2000mm waterproof

Account pole: None.

Account pins: metal nails (additional wind rope)

Features: Built-in mesh bag, a small space outside the account (putting shoes and other items) with a threshold to prevent rain when the rain from the zipper poured into the side of the foot after strengthening treatment.

When I was camping in the mid-level jungle,

Sleeping in ROCKET,

The fire outside floated in the tent.

Can not help but have emotions

For one person,

This tent is too comfortable.

Breathability is also very good.

Pulling up the zipper of the internal account,

My backpack and shoes are resting in the large hall.

I think at least I can put two big bags.

If it rains,

Cooking in the hall,

That's no problem.

ROCKET has no pole.

But I will not bring more support for it.

In the South, I rarely bring trekking poles.

Even if it is taken, the AETHER 45 is very poorly designed.

But the jungle in the south is not a desert.

Before I set off, I envisioned a lot of camping programs.

Even rock,

I can also get a stone in the crevice.

Then use a rope to hang the tent.


No account pole.

Does the designer's inspiration come from TARP plus BIVY?

No way to know.

But there is no doubt that this tent has unparalleled flexibility.

Individual accounts can be used as TARP alone.

With a lightweight cloth,

Lightweight sleeping bag,

Bathe in the cool mountain breeze

You will almost have DIY pleasure.

This feeling may be good,

But as a tent without poles,

The weight of nearly 1.2kg is still too heavy.

And, where the right space is not too spacious,

2.76 square area is a bit big.

After all, the tent is 3.2m long and 1.2m wide.

Maybe it's related to my personal travel

I always think that this product can excavate the limit of its performance.

Instead of considering some redundancy,

For example, increase the space of 0.5 people.

Imagine having a tent when you want to camp.

You can settle in a very narrow place.

And there is no need to panic and recall the places suitable for camping.

There is no need to make any changes to the camp to put your tent on hold.

See the introduction of LUXE TAKIN,

Only weighs 0.85KG,

This is very exciting

In fact,

Some details of ROCKET are also very interesting.

Such as the zipper of the internal account.

It is a combination of zip training, three pull training heads, three dimensions.

This is a very thoughtful design.

Easy to use,

You can choose to open the left half or right half, or fully open.

As a portable three-quarter tent,

ROCKET gave us a refreshing choice.

Different styles of people can find their own way of use.

It makes you more like an integrator in the mountains.

Not trespassers with high-tech equipment.

You use this tent to approach the mountains, and you have to rely on the mountains to use this tent.

In this exchange,

There is no doubt that you will doubt whether there is conquest or not.

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