Reifenh Launches High Yield CPP Cast Film

Equipment manufacturer - Germany's Reifenh Corp. has launched a new seven-layer cast polypropylene line that produces transparent, high-throughput CPP films that can reach 300m/min. The kit contains seven extruders, a seven-layer feed zone and a flat die. Encapsulation devices are installed on both sides to reduce the generation of scrap and scrap, and the scrap is put into one of the extruders, thereby increasing the recovery rate and reducing the processing cost. Equipment output is over 1000 kg/h, film width is 2000 mm, and film thickness varies from 0.012 to 0.250 mm. Equipment is mainly used in the PP market, such as barrier and metallized PP film, stretch film and so on.

According to Michael Beckhoff, general manager of the company's cast film and coating film production line, the device can monitor the production status of the equipment through the company's virtual private network to prevent line incidents.

The device has an optimized spiral arm winding machine, WF-D04, with a winding diameter of 1000 mm. In the gap mode, the winding machine including the substrate tension control system works together with the roller shaft to change the film winding density. Winding speed is below 250 meters/minute. In the contact mode, there is a cell that controls the pressure, at which point the CPP film is wrapped in plastic at 300 meters/minute.

Source: Plastic Packaging Committee

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