New Concept Packaging Design and Teaching

Abstract: Packaging design faces an era of conceptual change. In the packaging design education, we emphasized the concept of leadership, emphasizing "self-design", "ecological concept" and promote the green packaging, the implementation of the packaging form of breakthroughs and packaging material innovation, received a very good teaching effect. 

Keywords: packaging design; packaging education; new concept packaging

Social development education goes first, and educational development concepts go first. Education can not lag behind! Must have the concept of advancement to promote education reform. We can only stand at the forefront. We must first reflect on packaging design, packaging culture, and packaging education. In the 20th century, all walks of life have made great progress, and packaging has also become a major industry in the late decades of the 20th century. However, at the same time of great development, it is facing great destruction, great loss of control, big discord, and big mistakes. Human creativity is at its peak and the coordination of the universe is facing collapse. The rapid development of packaging will inevitably lead to abnormal transformation. 

The development of packaging fully demonstrates people’s wisdom and ignorance, highlights the aggressiveness and limitations of the era of packaging design and packaging teaching, and at the same time we have achieved achievements, we have produced excess, backward, ecologically-harmful, and polluting. Visual, confusing, lacking of the correct idea of ​​packaging. For our design in the new century, we must profoundly reflect on it. 

First, packaging design education lags behind the market.

How can the education program, which has remained unchanged for decades, adapt to the great changes in the economy and the rapid development of society? This is the issue we face. If it is not a fundamental change in the concept, only the adjustments, additions and deletions of some courses are impossible. Lead to real education reform. Packaging design is the closest to the market, the subject of the commodity, the characteristics of commercialization led to the worldly, utilitarian and delicate decoration, quick success, lack of social responsibility, lack of cultural ideas, lack of pioneering research and development forecast, resulting in a narrow self, The utilitarian category is designed. Some bubble economies will also have bubble wrappers. If there is an economic crisis, there will be no packaging crisis. In the era of a new wave of thoughts and products that are not refreshed at a geometric level, our packaging design teaching must be more far-reaching, higher-level, and more. Overall thinking and achievements. 

Any major changes in history have been accompanied by changes in teaching. The first teaching has created the forerunner of historical development. It does not pay attention to teaching reform. Lag is inevitable. 

Second, packaging design, teaching reform, reform concept, leading our concept is not created by the void, nor is it fabricated, our concept of packaging education reform is based on the philosophical ideas and great wisdom of human reflection on a century. The development of human society is not reflective, but it leads to correct thinking and trajectory. The great overall concept of Ame Naess's ecological wisdom T in today’s world philosophy gives us great inspiration and reflection. Olenes believes that human beings and all lives are a whole, and society should be the largest compound The greatest variety - diversification, to achieve the greatest symbiosis. The entire society and life should cooperate and be harmonious. As well as the philosophical thinking of contemporary ontology, to realize “self-achievement”, ecological wisdom T has become the navigation mark to guide us out of the ecological crisis. 

The “Greater Me” concept, deeper and more philosophical, and inspiring our thinking on the status quo of packaging and education, we should put forward the “self-design” so that “self-packaging”. Based on the characteristics of the era of the sustainability of the knowledge economy, to examine and grasp the packaging design from a higher level, we first started from the education reform to think about it. 

The “Greater Design” should highlight the value of human beings, the long-term value of people and society, and the natural ecology. Design must serve the fundamental interests of mankind. "My design" should highlight the designer's social mission and social responsibility, inject new cultural concepts, cultural tastes, and new product values ​​and added value. 

Third, the new packaging concept of teaching practice
Green Packaging Based on the overall vision of the new packaging concept, we first propose a new topic: green packaging. 
Green packaging has been proposed and put into practice throughout the packaging industry, such as soluble plastic tableware, Mexico's invention of "ecological chewing gum, etc.. But as a packaging design has not attracted attention and as a subject of classroom practice."

There are some successful cases abroad, such as the battery recycling packaging introduced by the Japan Packaging Yearbook, which is just a simple, eye-catching yellow cylindrical recycling box, which is not particularly unique, but it is the leading concept and therefore won the annual award. It has been promoted as an excellent packaging in the world. In addition, the application of recycled paper, recycled materials, and soluble materials is also a successful case. 

In teaching practice, this is a very difficult and valuable issue. If battery recycling is designed to sell battery packs with mandatory recovery after use, only a few smart devices and identification symbols have been added to become successful designs. 

Another example is to make a big change in the shape of the beverage can, so as to be suitable for drinking, feel, bend when used, and can be compressed at the time of recycling, and the appearance is beautiful and space-saving. This is an amazing invention and creation. 

The form of the revolutionary packaging and the design of the revolutionary packaging have fundamental changes. In the form of packaging, new visual images and visual language must also be created with the fashion culture. The old forms will be incompatible with modern social culture and life. The formation of new and new humans will inevitably lead to their pursuit and taste standards for life forms. Therefore, It is very important to reflect modern packaging in a completely new form. In this regard, a lot of useful experiments were done in the course and a large number of compelling works were made. Such as gift bags that can rise in space, luminous tank packaging, highlighting the personality and even the superb alternative variety of goods packaging, bringing a new visual and stylish atmosphere. Packaging design courses lead to inventions, discoveries, associations and creativity, which is an unprecedented gain. 

2, change the material long-term paper and box to package the product program. 
In the era of computers and the Internet, it is entirely possible to eliminate the use of paper. A foldable computer with an LCD screen can be carried around. Just like a business card holder, but loaded with all network and unlimited information, why is the packaging limited to paper and boxes? Changing the traditional Packaging Materials and packaging methods will be invaluable. To open up ideas completely, break the inherent concepts, and start associations without any constraints. For example, processing and packaging of various containers using natural bamboo materials has new perspectives and perspectives in the new concept, including the development and application of other natural and traditional materials. China has created bamboo coats and jackets that have become popular in the international market. It has greatly replaced the trend of leather clothing, which is evidence of material development. 

The molecular structure body, that is, the combination of sphere and body form the basic element of the package, its randomness can be used to package any item, and it is shockproof, drop-resistant and easy to carry. This is a revolution in the revolution of materials and the framework of packaging. Another example is that multi-faceted plastic bodies are organized into various application packages instead of paper and boxes, and can be packaged for any commodity. Multi-functional telescopic bodies are another kind of pioneering ideas, which breaks the way of inheriting paper bags, boxes, and ropes, dares to deny reasonable existence, and creates new rationality and existence. In the call of the new concept, the perspective of creativity and design is pushed to a very broad level and field. 

In the new concept packaging design teaching, we mainly propose the operational requirements of new perspectives and new ideas from the three areas of new packaging design, starting with the formal research, and comparing the specific and abstract expressions. At the same time compare foreign modern packaging, conduct exploratory research, and make the most successful design with Chinese cultural characteristics. 

Avant-garde fashion on the T-type stage may not be able to wear a work style but it will lead fashion and fashion. Goethebach's 1+1 conjecture cannot be used as a financial account, but it guides the development of high-tech. The new ideas we have packaged, some of the experiments may not be put into production for the time being, but its long-term value and pioneering significance is incalculable. Therefore, the sense of innovation is very valuable to improve the overall quality of students.

Author/Jiang Shangwen Information Source: Guangzhou Packaging Vision

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