Analysis of Green Design and the Future of the Century (I)

Abstract: The designer's correct understanding of green design has a direct impact on consumer awareness. The design concept and method of green design aim at saving resources and protecting the environment. It should become the direction of real civilization and future development. The promotion of green design should not be confined to the designers themselves, but should also broadly reach the public and consumers.

Keywords: green design designer ecological resources

With the advent of the 21st century, green design has truly entered China's design field. Domestic designers are increasingly aware of the importance of green design for people's lives and the entire ecological environment. The position of green products in the eyes of ordinary people is also important. It's getting higher and higher. In the 90s of last century, people in the country simply thought that green color products were green products. As time goes by, people gradually begin to understand the true features of green products in a deeper sense. There is always an evolving process for the cognition of anything. This is generally the case for ordinary people and even more so for designers. Just as fashion designers announce the fashion trends of the next year each year, and consumers choose fashion according to this trend, industrial designers also guide their own consumer groups in their own fields.

Therefore, whether the designer's understanding of green design is correct or not has a direct impact on consumer awareness. For example, in the previous two years, a designer designed a coffee table with a large section of logs with a breast diameter of more than 30 cm. He may think that such a product is very environmentally friendly and he also takes part in a design exhibition with a theme of environmental protection abroad. This kind of understanding of green design is too superficial, and the results can also be imagined. There is also a situation that still exists in the country. Some designers still use a large amount of logs to build their own works, pursuing a certain artistic effect. If designers define this concept as green design, return to nature, and let green design stay at the stage of designing products with natural materials, then there will be a far cry from the true green design and the sustainable development of the entire society. Now. Designers are still so, consumers are more likely to be misled.

The concept of green design is actually a generalized reference. It is a kind of design trend that combines both idealism and strong sense of social responsibility. It encompasses various design work areas, and is based on a high degree of concern for the ecology of the earth and the environment in which people live. Based on the understanding of the above, all designs that are conducive to sustainable social development, are conducive to reducing the burden on the earth, and are conducive to the healthy development of human beings and even all living creatures of the Earth are all in the category of green design. The green design includes the design of the product from the concept of creativity, design, pollution-free, non-toxic selection of raw materials and processes to recycling, recycling and recycling after manufacturing, use, and disposal, that is, including the entire life cycle design of the product. . While considering the environmental attributes of products, designers also need to anticipate the prevention of adverse effects of products and processes on the environment. The ultimate goal of the original industrial design is to address the basic attributes of the product: that is, after the technical, functional, technological, and market goals that the product should achieve have been achieved, the design is completed. In our country, after more than ten years of revolutionary changes, the repressed productivity has been liberated for many years; the appearance of product design that sticks to conventions and conforms to the old tradition has caused consumer life to be consistent for decades; it has also been broken by economic reforms; it has become increasingly fierce. The market competition has forced the company's product development desperately to bring new products to market with the fastest speed.

However, most companies have neglected product development and renewal for a long time, the design concept is backward, the talents are scarce, the design capability, production equipment and process technology are low and become common problems of the enterprise. It leads to the immaturity and failure of product development from concepts to concrete implementation. perfect. Among them, the problems reflected in the environment are particularly prominent. Actually, in the course of the foreign advanced industrial countries’ journey from the 1930s to the 1970s, they had already learned the lesson beforehand. Unfortunately, they were not taken by the Chinese people in economic development, and they repeated the steps taken by the developed countries in Europe and America. The old road of pollution after the first pollution. The blind pursuit of economic benefits and neglect of the ecological environment has led to serious pollution of the environment in almost all major industrial cities in China. The sky has been shrouded in gray haze all year round and it is even more difficult to see blue sky and white clouds. In the process of product development, if environmental awareness is not taken into account and whether the product itself causes pollution and harm to the environment, it is only a matter of concern whether their styling is full of creativity, whether the cost can be low, etc., from a long-term perspective. Look, it will only bring losses to the company, but it will also bring about irreversible loss and disaster to the natural society where human beings rely on. Green product development should begin with the green design of the product. The design concept and method of green design aim at saving resources and protecting the environment. It emphasizes the protection of natural ecology, makes full use of resources, takes people as the center, and treats the environment.

Green design should not be merely an initiative or proposal. It should become the direction of the actual civilization and future development. In the face of the current global environmental pollution, ecological destruction, waste of resources, greenhouse effect and exhaustion of resources, everyone on earth should feel the crisis of survival. The essence of green design is to make the product come from nature and return to nature, and it is essentially closer to nature. The concept of establishing green design is to let industrial designers recognize that green design products are new weapons for modern companies to participate in market competition. Contemporary designers should continue to uphold the three "Re" principles of green design, namely, the three principles of "doing less, reusing, and regenerating resources" under the terms "reduce", "reuse", and "recycling." The so-called miniaturization means minimizing body mass in the product design, simplifying the structure, removing all unnecessary materials, especially the use of non-renewable resources such as wood, reducing energy consumption in manufacturing, reducing costs, and reducing consumption. Pollution. Reuse, first of all is the integrity of the product component structure itself; secondly, the integrity of the replaceable structure of the product body; and secondly, the system function of the product function. Resource regeneration is a systematic and important link. It includes legislation, establishment of a recycling operation mechanism, removable and recyclable structural design, and a complete set of projects that use recycled resources for redesign and production.
(to be continued)

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