Plastic gravure printing gold silver ink adjustment

In the process of plastic gravure printing, gold and silver solvent gravure ink is a kind of pigment special ink. The special hue is required. The metal texture is strong, and it is mostly spot ink. Therefore, as a printing staff, it is necessary to seriously understand various kinds of inks. Composition and performance, or try to make their own, in order to help reduce the cost of ink and the smooth progress of printing.

In the plastic gravure printing industry, a large number of golden inks are used to print decorations and dress up a rich and festive atmosphere. Especially near the Spring Festival, the use of golden ink has increased significantly.

When receiving orders for gold-colored printing products that require a strong metallic texture, the general printing manufacturer is custom-made spot ink for ink suppliers. Because this type of ink is special, it will be much more expensive than normal, which will obviously increase the printing cost; when receiving orders for printing products, it is necessary to immediately send the printing standard samples to the ink manufacturers, and then go through the ink. Manufacturers tailor-made spot color ink before they can get the hue ink to print. In this process, at least a few days or even longer, it will be necessary to extend the delivery time of printing products, which will affect the credibility of the company, and serious ones may cause the loss of orders. Therefore, it is necessary for the printing staff to master some methods of self-aligning golden ink with ordinary color inks. The following are some opinions and suggestions for everyone based on the angle and understanding of ink deployment, for your reference and discussion.

The deployment of gold and silver ink

1. Silver ink deployment

In ink production, the silver ink is generally a special aluminum paste for ink or aluminum powder mixed with a binder resin liquid, and is added with a mixed solvent and other additives, and is stirred and dispersed to adjust viscosity and color. As long as the fineness of the metallic aluminum particles in the aluminum paste or silver powder is acceptable, the gloss of the formulated silver ink is good, and the metallic texture is also strong. This method can also be applied in the field of printing. When silver ink printing is required, first use a mixed solvent (or ink thinner) to wet and dissolve the aluminum paste or aluminum powder, and then add the gold oil (dilute the ink) while stirring. Shake evenly. Dissolve the aluminum paste and aluminum powder first, in order to make it better dispersed in the gold transfer oil, prevent the aluminum dust particles from flying everywhere, and affect the printing environment. Silver ink should not be stored for too long, because the proportion of metal aluminum particles is too large, easy to precipitate; metal aluminum particles are also easily oxidized, silver ink prints will become darker in color and gloss will decrease. Therefore, the silver ink should be allocated quantitatively, that is, it should be used immediately, thus saving costs and improving efficiency.

2. The deployment of golden ink

The golden ink in plastic gravure ink is abbreviated as gold ink. If it is deployed at the printing site, there are two methods: one is to add other color inks on the basis of silver ink (preferably with good transparency and high color concentration Color ink) and mixed solvent, stirring evenly, adjust the viscosity and color. The following is a rough ratio table for each component. The specific hue at the printing site requires on-site adjustment.

The above ratio is only a rough reference when self-provisioning spot ink related to gold and silver ink. The specific requirements of gold ink in the hue or reddish phase of the hue, then by the amount of transparent yellow ink and transparent red ink to adjust; anyway, the use of silver ink to deploy the golden ink hue is only by hit color , The hue is messy, the gloss is low, the metal texture is slightly poor, and it is slightly dirty. However, the ink cost of such a scheme is low, and in the case where the hue and gloss of the printed product are not very high, as long as the clear yellow ink and the transparent red ink are selected, sometimes a good printing product can be printed. It is recommended that the printing manufacturer In the urgent need of gold ink printing more use this method.

Another method for preparing the plastic gravure gold ink is to use copper gold powder together with gold oil and organic mixed solvent, and then uniformly stir and disperse. This type of gold powder containing copper powder is brightly colored and has a high gloss. The metal texture on the surface of the printed product is very strong and dazzling, especially under the sunlight, it is like a genuine layer of gold.

Copper powder is also known as “gold powder”. Its metal color is very close to the color of gold. In fact, its composition is an alloy of metal copper and zinc. The color of copper powder is affected by the composition ratio of copper and zinc. As the proportion of zinc increases, the color of copper powder gradually shifts from the red hue to the cyan hue. The general characteristics of copper powder for ink use are shown in the following table:

Ink manufacturers generally purchase red gold powder and green gold powder can be deployed with different hue, when the spot needs to be modulated spot color ink, you can also use all the ratio of copper red gold powder and copper/zinc green gold powder, together with gold transfer oil (dilute Ink or other transparent inks to match other special metallic colors.

In the preparation process, firstly add butanone and organic mixed solvent to the copper powder, stir until no obvious dry powder is present, soak it for about 1 hour, then add the gold transfer oil while stirring, be sure to mix well and use organic solvents. Adjust the viscosity on the machine, you can print on the machine. The amount of copper powder added generally accounts for 10 to 20% of the total formulation, and the concentration should not be too high, otherwise it will reduce the adhesion of the ink film on the plastic, and it is easy to fade; and the relatively expensive copper powder will increase the printing cost.

Although the copper powders for inks are surface treated with various additives, the current technical conditions still cannot fundamentally solve the problem of oxidation. Moreover, copper gold powders have a large proportion and are prone to precipitation, so they are used. When gold powder is blended with gold ink, it is necessary to calculate the amount of printing, so that it can be tailored and used immediately. The remaining gold ink should be used up as much as possible.

In the preparation for the printing of plastic intaglio gold and silver inks, whether it is a plastic surface printing process or a plastic in-silicon printing process, the color deployment of gold and silver ink is a high-tech work. The plastic gravure gold and silver ink is a kind of special solvent type ink. In order to make the printed product have the appearance of high light and fresh color and strong metal texture, it must be in the choice of silver paste, silver powder, copper powder and linking material gold oil. Give comprehensive consideration. If the operator does not understand the special properties and color knowledge of gold and silver ink, even the best gold and silver paste and then bright ink, the mixed gold and silver ink can not achieve the desired appearance and quality standards. A successful printing of plastic gravure gold and silver ink requires that the relationship between gold powder and gold oil be handled properly so as to achieve a reasonable combination with the lowest cost and best quality. (Yu Dejin)

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