Direct cold wine cooler vs air-cooled wine cooler

Cold wine cabinet: The direct-cooling compressor wine cabinet is a natural heat conduction cooling method. The natural convection of the surface of the evaporator is low, and the temperature inside the box is lowered, so that the temperature difference in the tank tends to be -----

Distinguishing method of broad bean and rosewood

Widely changed beans, belonging to the genus of the genus Butterfly. Since the appearance and density of the broad-rooted bean are similar to those of the red rosewood, the domestic market calls it the Central American white rose, which is easily confused with the red and rosewood, but it is -----

Color complementary color law

White light can be decomposed into three primary colors of red, green, and blue, and red, green, and blue light can be mixed to become white light. This shows that there is a certain link between colored light and white light. Complementary color refers to two complementary color lights that can -----