"Bat! John" Pisa corrugated box with self-loc…

"Bang! John" pizza box uses white-faced B-cut corrugated cardboard as raw material. The die-cut incision is neat and smooth, which improves the grade of the product and creates a good brand image of the product. In the printing of color, the use of red and green two-color printing, a str-----

Volumetric filling machine filling head

CN2740536 The filling head of the volumetric filling machine includes a metering cylinder, a feed port, a filling port and a control circuit. The sizing cylinder is a piston cylinder closed at both ends. The sizing cylinder is provided with a floating piston. Each end of the sizing cylinder is pr-----

Wang Yuefei Brand Package Design Works (1)

Animal Series Building Blocks Toys Preschool Toys Wholesale. Our Plastic Assembly Toys are designed to help child develop. Educational Toy Animals toy made with high quality plastics, kids will love playing with these durable yet light weight plastic toy for years! Let kid's imagination run-----

Solution from total earthquake

Thanks to its high-strength structural design, Taiwan Total Seismo's die-cutting machines can handle all grades of cardboard, ranging from three-layer corrugated cardboard to seven-layer corrugated cardboard. The machine is designed to produce 220 to 250 sheets per minute. The latest model die-----