Color toys improve children's vision

Toys are a child's favorite, and the latest scientific research proves that bright colored toys can also help children's vision development. Colorful toys can stimulate children's curiosity, and because of their bright colors, the child's eyes are not easy to fatigue, and can impro-----

Diabetes Exercise Rehabilitation

First, you can lose weight, obesity is one of the important factors that contribute to the occurrence and development of diabetes. After weight loss, many tissue cells in the body increase the sensitivity to insulin, so that the demand for insulin is reduced and the conditio-----

Commonly used solution preparation in cell culture

Commonly used solution preparation in cell culture (PBS, DMEM, glutamine, G418, etc.) PBS NaCl 8 g KCl 0.2 g KH2PO4 0.2 g Na2HPO4 · 12H2O 3.634g Add dH2O to 900ml, adjust pH to 7.4, replenish water to 1L, dispense into 5 blue capped bottles, and sterilize. TP + EDTA mixed solution Weigh-----

High temperature aging test box price and value

Regarding whether the price and value of the high-temperature aging box are directly proportional, readers can be kind. The high-temperature aging test box is used to test the components and materials of electronic products, automotive motorcycles, aerospace, rubber, plastics, metals, ship weapon-----