Know the ink

First, the ink: water-based ink, is a mixture of pigments, binders and water as a solvent mixed by a certain ratio, produced by a special processing technology. It is just one category in many printing inks and has a certain amount of fluidity. It is mainly suitable for the printing of flexographi-----

The basic principle of plastic degradation

The current production of biodegradable plastic does not mean that the entire packaging waste has disappeared into carbon dioxide and water. The basic principle is that the dead organisms are affected by microorganisms and molds to produce carbon dioxide and humus, while carbon dioxide and humus h-----

SATO Launches Fastest Wireless Mobile Barcode Printer

The new wireless mobile printer MB200i is one of SATO's new series of products. The company's series of products are characterized by speed, light weight, and easy operation. The MB200i printer's CPU is a high-speed 32-bit printer with a print speed of up to 4 inches per second. It is -----

Chequered wine box

In the exhibition area of ​​the Shenzhen Packaging Exposition Group of Xi'an Oriental Hotel, a wine box that can make a chess board attracts the attention of a large number of wine producers and distributors. This wine box is cleverly designed and has a novel design, and many cus-----

Water transfer process

Water transfer technology process: transfer batch film - activation (to activate the pattern on the film with a special solvent into the ink state) - transfer (the use of water pressure to transfer the pattern on the printed objects) - washed ( The remaining film is rinsed with water) - Drying (dr-----