A British woman reaches an orgasm while playing excitin…

According to an article in the British Metropolis Daily on August 31, a British woman recently felt an orgasm when she was playing a play facility called “ball of air” on the playground. The related videos were uploaded to YouTube to create a crowd. The people who seek stimuli love th-----

Fluorescence measurement of micro and solid samples

For the measurement of micro and solid samples, HORIBA Scientific (Jobin Yvon Spectroscopy) provides the corresponding solution. For the analysis of micro-liquid samples such as proteins and enzymes in bioanalysis, we offer cuvettes of different specifications (20μL, 50μL, 250μL, 1mL); for -----

Greeting card DIY production: cross stitch love

Greeting card DIY production: cross stitch love A small handbag without a shoulder strap, designed to be held in the hand. Like most generic terms, the phrase `clutch bag` can be used to describe a wide range of bags, there is no precise set of dimen-----

Sand dust test device: the first step of zero basis

The sand dust test unit is suitable for all mechanical, optical, electrical, electronic, electromechanical and electrochemical devices that may be exposed to dry blow sand, dusty atmosphere or dust-reducing conditions. To test the performance of electronic and electrical products, automobiles, motor-----

Technical parameters and main features of intelligent l…

Shanghai Haozhuang Instrument Co., Ltd. specializes in producing all kinds of intelligent lighting incubators product manual: It is widely used in microbial tissue cell culture, seed germination, seedling experiment, plant culture, etc. It can simulate different environmental climatic conditions-----

Infrared principle portable flammable gas detector

HND880-Ex-IR portable infrared combustible gas detector HND880-Ex-IR portable infrared flammable gas detection alarm is applied to flammable gas concentration detection and flammable gas leakage alarm. This instrument adopts sensor and microcontroller technology imported from world famous sensor br-----