Waste newspaper DIY making paper bags

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Monochrome printing requirements for ink

Perhaps in the eyes of the average person, the printing of monochrome samples is much simpler than that of color samples, and the requirements for inks are relatively low. In practice, however, the printing staff pointed out that the requirements for ink for monochrome sample printing are not low,-----

Human anti-EB virus antibody (EBV) ELISA kit use method

Purpose of use: This kit is used to determine the expression of anti-EBV antibody (EBV) in human serum, plasma and related liquid samples. Experimental principle The kit uses a double antigen sandwich method to determine the expression of human anti-EBV antibody (EBV) in the specimen. The microporou-----

Precautions for using the electrophoresis system

Electrophoresis / electrophoresis tank notes 1. After the electrophoresis device/electrophoresis tank is energized into the working state, the human body is prohibited from contacting the electrode, electrophoresis and other potentially charged parts, and it is not possible to take and place things -----